Monday, February 2, 2009

Pancake race

Why not organize some event and discuss/describe/do some language structures task at the following lesson? I suggest Pancake Race:
-learning traditions of English-speakinng countries
-presentation "Shrove in England";
-provide pancakes and frying pans;
-divide the students into groups of 5-6 people;
-every group prepares appropriate costumes or at least headwear;
-invite a bell-ringer and assistants;
-think about the prizes;
-make a poster "Pancake Race rules" and study the rules with the students
-students run a relay race with the pancakes on the frying pans;
-at certain places they toss the pancakes at the height of 1 meter (?)

Teachers are invited to suggest language activities after the race. (in the comments)

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