Monday, October 26, 2009

Learning English with Audio / Video?

  1. Have a look and listen to a beautiful ABC Song-Lets Start Smart original alphabet song - quite a 'refreshing', colourful educational item (You can also find some other items, sources of this kind here - at
  2. Another interactive methodological technology-related Web-materials' collection is the English with Jennifer site with "a bulk" of different (Not random,but logically presented!) grammar, vocabulary, etc. topics.

That is more visual, aural professionally and simply introduced add to regular classes in order to make learning / studying more effective, practical, and also - interesting, lively.

It can be used in class - the only question is to plan your time: 'when, where and why' to insert this material, who is the "target audience"- and it works, reduces the boredom, formality of regular classworks.