Saturday, February 28, 2009

Study materials

It seems that we can begin compiling a collection of study materials together. The teachers who attented the seminar in Karjamaa Gymnasium on 20th February have been invited to share this MindMap. They can also invite other people. If other teachers wish to co-operate, send your e-mail address to
It can look like this. Join!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Can Music Aid Memory of Text?

Yesterday I caught quite an interesting tool to be used while working with a text - The site is called P22 Music Text Composition Generator and you can find it at:

"...What the site does is to convert a written text into musical notation with a midi music file to play the notation. Well I can hear people thinking; "What's this got to do with language teaching?" and that's a really good question, so here's how this 'might' work.
How to use this with students ... "

I am not sure how it works in any real (traditional) class environment, may be - for motivating, showing the option to learn to the student, but ... m.b. for making your classes more 'colourful', not only 'black-and-white', as they say :-)?
Practically, it can be tried!

Nick Peachey's site is also quite an interesting resource for lots of tools, ideas, etc. in the colourful web 2.0 world for education.

Best regards

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pancake race

Why not organize some event and discuss/describe/do some language structures task at the following lesson? I suggest Pancake Race:
-learning traditions of English-speakinng countries
-presentation "Shrove in England";
-provide pancakes and frying pans;
-divide the students into groups of 5-6 people;
-every group prepares appropriate costumes or at least headwear;
-invite a bell-ringer and assistants;
-think about the prizes;
-make a poster "Pancake Race rules" and study the rules with the students
-students run a relay race with the pancakes on the frying pans;
-at certain places they toss the pancakes at the height of 1 meter (?)

Teachers are invited to suggest language activities after the race. (in the comments)