Sunday, November 29, 2009

List of Useful Blogs on Web 2.0

Dear Colleagues!

I would like to me publish addresses of the blogs that can be interesting for you in terms of our discussions and topics of the Conference, the BarCamp session:

Enjoy your Web-search.

Good luck!

The Conference

The conference “Teachers on the Internet”

To start with, we all (teacher) got the invitation and some brave of us accepted it filling the on-line form. And then we had to wait a little.
The conference was held on 28 November in Lasnamäe Vene Gümnaasium. I, personally, was impressed by the renovation of the building. But it was completely forgotten when we entered the classroom. Being in community of professionals is the reword to our hard work. The atmosphere was friendly, everyone was attentively listed to.

I do not want to start with Mrs. Rozdestvenskaja speech. It was worth listening. I would like to pay attention to our( teachers of English) section. We were caught by the knowledge of Mrs.Karpova and Mrs. Ignatova. Two little kids showed us how to use a smart board were funny,but they used their skills with pleasure.

And the last part of our conference- barcamp( thank you, Mr. Logvinov that ,you became a leader of it) helped us to establish the friendly relationships in our community.

We have got some new idea at the conference that will help us in our difficult work.
People! Thank you very much! I look forward to meeting you again.

After-Conference Reflection

Dear All!
Thank You for the great insight, that there're some things you should share with your colleagues, with these people who are really interested in using different Web 2.0 tools in the class - the insight is that these knowledge and skills are necessary!

My short speech at the BarCamp session was in general devoted to the tools I use in class for making it cheerful; enjoyable and NOT BORING (this is the problem we deal with practically every day - Traditional education is NOT ALL for learning!).
So, ... I would like to divide all the tools (that are provided by some web-sites) into categories:
  1. Materials for the classwork - exercises, mind maps, tests, etc. that can be prepared before the class or even during it in an easy, non-complicated way - just for you. They are:

- - a nice, easy-to-use tool for vocabulary, note-taking (even by students in class), for sharing them;

- short videos at - , (e.g. English with Jennifer - grammar videos from the beginners up to the advanced level),,, (the listening, video tools with post- exercises!), etc. - for discussions, chat, blogging (you can embed all the videos into your blogs). BUT -To save and to organise your favourite videos found- register ! (other video eBookmarks're - );

- for class-fun (m.b. for some other reasons ... in junior classes) can be used a - creating online topical Jigsaw Puzzles (e.g.;

- and at last, (e.g., - these kinds of web-newspapers / note-takings can be prepapred /created anonimously (typical classwork!), but for using them more times - nedds registration (also, quite easy issue!)

2. e-Tools for the long-run work - (For organising & keeping track on all your blogs, all favourites - )

That's it, if any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

P.S. We wish to thank Ljudmilla Roždestvenskaja for the professionally prepared, interesting and effective conference. Ljudmilla , you are the best!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

One intresting on-line game

This game could be usefull if You want your students to have a brainstorm in their vocabulary

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Conference "Teachers` Network"

We invite teachers to participate at the conference, which will take place on 28th November, 2009 in Lasnamäe Russian Gymnasium in Tallinn, at 23, J. Koorti

The practical workshops are aimed aimed at teachers, professional networking and support.

The topics of the seminars include:

A blog in teaching
SMART board at the lessons
Various computer classroom
Web-based learning tools (Google Groups, friendfeed, blogger, etc.)
Teachers from all over Estonia will share their experiences in e-teaching.
The programme of the conference
Registration for the event is untill 20th November here
The working language is Russian.
The conference participation is free for everyone.
The event is supported by Tiger Leap Foundation.

Lyudmila Roždestvenskaja,
conference organiser