Saturday, February 14, 2009

Can Music Aid Memory of Text?

Yesterday I caught quite an interesting tool to be used while working with a text - The site is called P22 Music Text Composition Generator and you can find it at:

"...What the site does is to convert a written text into musical notation with a midi music file to play the notation. Well I can hear people thinking; "What's this got to do with language teaching?" and that's a really good question, so here's how this 'might' work.
How to use this with students ... "

I am not sure how it works in any real (traditional) class environment, may be - for motivating, showing the option to learn to the student, but ... m.b. for making your classes more 'colourful', not only 'black-and-white', as they say :-)?
Practically, it can be tried!

Nick Peachey's site is also quite an interesting resource for lots of tools, ideas, etc. in the colourful web 2.0 world for education.

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Lynx said...

Thank you for the link, Juri. Looks very intrresting. Tried only Yearbook, but I am going to read other things too. We can discuss them later.