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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Links for Teachers: Where to start & where to ...

  1. "Oh, where to start and where to finish!
I've included some sites that I find really useful and some that have wowed other teachers. There's so much more I could have put in and I'll add some as they come to mind. They're all free, by the way."
Positive and useful link-story from"English language Garden" -

2. This is Johanna Stirling's (Cambridge University Press) blog about English spelling. How it works, how to learn it, how to teach it, and how to love it! -

3. "Write or Die" Writing Lab ,

"Applications for Authors. Actual help for the floundering ones, no namby-pamby advice. Utilities that help you get writing done, and tools to help you with the deeply annoying parts of the editing process. Welcome authors one and all to the Lab. " - Write or Die introduces consequences if you do not write. Set goals, choose your mode, and write away, or else!

4. Word Magnets - for use with a projector or interactive whiteboard - - for more information, for how-to's

5. Vocabulary work, word clouds - quite spectacular

Feel free to study my word clouds at

6. For brainstorming ideas before writing -


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Dear Colleagues!

Happy Easter!
And my best Wishes .

Juri Logvin