Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Conference

The conference “Teachers on the Internet”

To start with, we all (teacher) got the invitation and some brave of us accepted it filling the on-line form. And then we had to wait a little.
The conference was held on 28 November in Lasnamäe Vene Gümnaasium. I, personally, was impressed by the renovation of the building. But it was completely forgotten when we entered the classroom. Being in community of professionals is the reword to our hard work. The atmosphere was friendly, everyone was attentively listed to.

I do not want to start with Mrs. Rozdestvenskaja speech. It was worth listening. I would like to pay attention to our( teachers of English) section. We were caught by the knowledge of Mrs.Karpova and Mrs. Ignatova. Two little kids showed us how to use a smart board were funny,but they used their skills with pleasure.

And the last part of our conference- barcamp( thank you, Mr. Logvinov that ,you became a leader of it) helped us to establish the friendly relationships in our community.

We have got some new idea at the conference that will help us in our difficult work.
People! Thank you very much! I look forward to meeting you again.


Yuri said...

Dear Alina!
Let's consider my 2 blogposts as a rather looong comment to this post.

Thank you for such a helpful, "pro-active" interaction with you.

Lynx said...

Alina, can I insert a photo to your post?

alina siht said...

You are welcome-))

Tatjana Ignatova said...

I would like to thank all teachers who have participated in the conference. I hope we will continue our working relationships. You are marvellous!

Yuri said...

Dear Colleagues!
T'was a real pleasure to work with you - hope, it will last for long!